Highlights and lowlights

Highlighting has come very far in the world of hair due to new methods and improved product. From original foil highlights to ombre and balayage, we offer unique and classic techniques to create a beautiful finished product.

Full highlights will give you an all over brightening while partial highlights involve the sides and top section of the head. Ombre is of French origin, meaning color graduating from darker to lighter. The Ombre technique gives your hair a deeper base with a soft blending to lighter tones through the mid-strand and ends of the hair. Bayalage is also a French term meaning sweeping, with a color brush that is. If you're looking for those soft, blended, sun kissed highlights then Bayalage is the color service for you. Subtle accent highlights involving even just 5-10 foils can brighten up the hair around the face and part line without adding color throughout all of the hair.

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Get a Pop of Color with Flash Highlights!

With the economy forcing everyone to cut corners where they can, often times coloring or highlighting one's hair is the first to go. To help, we've created a new process called "Flash Highlighting". Instead of full highlights, we use only 5-10 foils to give you some depth or a pop of color around your face.

Flash Highlights are also a great alternative for color for really short hair or to quickly freshen your color in between highlights.

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